Flowers are a staple gift for Mother's Day, but what about for the mom who has her own budding garden just outside the window? The Good Earth Garden Center rounded up this list of giftables for all the mamas who don't mind getting their hands dirty, along with a few treats to help them celebrate all their hard work.


1. CAUS drinkware is pretty and pretty cool. Each one is marked with a symbol of the cause it supports — pet rescue, clean drinking water, ending human trafficking, disaster relief — and  25% of profits go back to the charities.


2. Grandmother's Buttons features handmade jewelry created from a collection of 19th century buttons, vintage glass and pearls, all collected by a mother and daughter duo working to create a connection to the past with each pair.


3. Cue the cuteness. GreenBox Art features giclee prints of original artworks. Each one is whimsical, fun and features all kinds of animals.


4. Little pots, big fun. In addition to a wide variety of larger pottery, Good Earth also has small pots for Mom's indoor garden. Pair a pot with a seasonal houseplant or succulent to complete the gift.


5. In it for the long haul? From knockout to drift roses, from camellias to hydrangeas, from spireas to encore azaleas, blooming shrubs provide months of enjoyment.


6. If Mom has limited space, think inside the box. Start with fun glassware for terrarium building or opt for a terrarium kit with everything you need to build the perfect gift. Bonus: You can add more tiny tropical plants to fit her likiing.


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7. A word of advice: the right tools make all the difference. From easy-to-spot FloraBrite snippers to ultra-cushioned kneeling pads from Kneelo, these tools are sure to make gardening a breeze.


8. They may look a little odd, but these webbed gloves from Garden Freak are designed to make your life easier. Whether container gardening, spreading mulch or picking up gardening excess, these gloves let you scoop more without a spill.


9. Although the recent monsoon did a great job of watering for us, we know that dry, summer heat is just around the corner. Dramm offers a full line of durable watering tools for when it's finally time for Mom to break out the hose.


10. Still can't decide? No pressure. You can always make mom's day with a gift card so she can pick out her own tools, decor, annuals or perennials.


All these gifts and more can be found at the Good Earth Garden Center, located at 15601 Cantrell. Swing by and peruse or learn more on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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