We’ve all fallen victim to a myth or two in our lives. Whether it be something silly like “hot water is better for brushing your teeth” (it’s not) or something more serious like “you don’t need an eye exam if you aren’t having problems” (not true at all), we’ve enlisted local experts who helped us debunk some of the myths people encounter every day.

1. Oral Health

Dr. DJ Dailey
Dr. DJ Dailey Dental Center

MYTH: The harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be.

TRUTH: “Brushing your teeth too vigorously can actually cause your gums to recede, or move away, exposing the root of your tooth to the elements. By eliminating the amount of gum tissue that covers and protects the root of your tooth, you are making the tooth more vulnerable to sensitivity and, ultimately, decay.

Plaque is soft and doesn’t require harsh scrubbing to remove. Even though you may feel you aren’t cleaning your teeth as well, brushing softly is actually more effective in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. We always recommend using a soft toothbrush, as the others are too harsh and can damage the gums even with soft brushing.”

2. Skin Care

Natalie Sanderson
Lasercare Skin Clinic

MYTH: The harder you scrub/exfoliate, the better your skin.

TRUTH: “Absolutely not. You want to gently exfoliate your skin. Otherwise, you’re scrubbing away layers of skin and you will look and feel like you have carpet burn all over your face. Let the exfoliator do its job while you lightly rub in circles around your face. There’s no need to be rough with your face. Always be sweet to your skin, even though it can be frustrating at times.”

3. Nutrition

David Rath
David Rath Nutrition

MYTH: All calories are created equal; it doesn’t matter which types of foods they come from.

TRUTH: “Not really. For example, processed, white-flour carbohydrates cause blood sugar spikes, causing an overabundance of insulin to be released. This causes fat storage in the abdominal area around the vital organs. Fat storage in this area can increase cholesterol levels, cause insulin insensitivity that could lead to diabetes and cause fatty deposits in the liver.

But if you are talking strictly about weight loss, foods with lots of water and fiber are the ticket. Foods such as fruits and vegetables are 85-90 percent water and have loads of fiber. Both provide bulk to make you feel full, but water doesn’t have calories, and since you can’t digest most of the fiber, it provides very little in the way of calories.”

4. Eye Care

Dr. Byron Wilkes
McFarland Eye Care

MYTH: An eye exam is only necessary if you’re having problems.

TRUTH: “This myth is not only untrue, it is actually dangerous. Glaucoma is one of several eye diseases which have no symptoms whatsoever until the disease is quite advanced. By the time patients with glaucoma realize something is wrong, they have already lost significant vision, which can never be recovered.”


Dr. Julie Goodwin
Central Clinic for Women

MYTH: Pregnant women should take it slow.

TRUTH: “I am shocked at the number of people who think pregnancy requires activity restrictions. We actually really want pregnant women to stay active. Exercise helps with controlled weight gain, stress, anxiety, the delivery — the pregnancy as a whole. If your doctor feels you need activity restrictions, she will let you know. Otherwise, keep it up!”

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