Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is go shopping. The seemingly endless checkout lines, the number crunching to make sure you’re under budget and, of course, the cost of the trip itself. Doesn’t it seem like there should be a simpler way?

You’re in luck. The new DG GO! app from Dollar General is helping reinvent the shopping experience. Simply download it to your smartphone to use at participating stores, and you’ll discover an all new way to simplify every shopping trip and save a little green at the same time. Plus, less time waiting in line means more time spent on things that matter, like friends and family.   

Here are five ways that the DG GO! app can help simplify your shopping trip and save you a little cash while you're at it. 

1. Easily find prices

Tired of scanning the aisle for those tiny price stickers, only to find that they've been knocked off the shelves? Finding the price of an item has never been easier than it is with DG GO!. Simply scan the product barcode with your smartphone, and the app will tell you the price in the blink of an eye. No more wondering if an item fits in your budget or if the price has changed — you can count on everything in the DG GO! app to be up to date.

2. Track your total as you go

With DG GO!, all the items in your cart are tracked as you scan them and the app keeps a running total — savings and tax included — right down to the cent. The days of wondering what your bill will be when you get to the register are over. DG GO! will tell you your total before you even get to check out!

3. Find additional discounts and savings

As you scan your items, the app automatically detects the digital coupons you’ve added to your account, as well as price drops or special offers, to let you know what you might have missed. So don’t worry, you’ll still catch that buy-one-get-one deal or 15 percent off coupon — you just won’t have to bring any coupon clippings to the store.

4. Skip the line

If waiting in long check out lines isn't your thing, you're you'll love this. You can check out directly from the app itself at participating Dollar General stores using DG GO! — just don’t forget to scan your QR code at the checkout kiosk on your way out. 

5. Get an extra 10 percent off all in-app purchases

As if skipping the lines wasn't exciting enough, everything you purchase through DG GO! is eligible for an extra 10 percent off in savings, so you can make your money go even further. (Discount available for a limited time only.)

Forget the lines, the stress, and the newspaper coupons — your shopping experience can be everything you want and then some with a simple download of Dollar General's free DG GO! app through Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once dowloaded, it's available at a moment's notice and always by your side when you're crusing through the aisles.

For more information on how it all works, visit the Dollar General website.