With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start thinking of those Christmas dinner wine pairings. While there's really no wrong way to celebrate the season, these unique pairings could make things a little bit sweeter. 

Lucky for us, our friends at Colonial Wine & Spirits have come up with a handy guide to pairing the right wines with the right holiday hams. 


Smoked Ham: Zinfandel or Primitivo

Smoked meat pairs well with wines that express smoky aromas. For this pairing, you want to bridge the smoky flavor in the meat and wine. You can do so by choosing a wine with a bold and juicy fruit profile to hold its own next to the richness of the dish. Zinfandel does just that. The bold and juicy dark fruit flavor of these wines won’t get lost in this pairing, and the smoky profile from oak aging will bring out the flavors in your ham. 

Colonial recommends:

  • Antico Sigillo Primitivo (Zinfandel from Italy) 
  • Green & Red Tip Top Zinfandel 


Honey-baked ham: Lambrusco or a Late-harvest Riesling

When you have a crust of sweet brown sugar enveloping your ham, it’s best to steer away from tannic reds. The sweetness of your decadent ham glaze will make most dry wines taste bitter. Instead, opt for wines with a little softness and sweetness to counteract this bitter effect. Don’t worry, these wines are not too sweet. 

Colonial recommends:

  • Cavicchioli Lambrusco Dolce (semi-sweet red) 
  • Nik Weis Bockstein Ockfen Spatlese, Single Vineyard Mosel Riesling 


Cured Ham: Sparkling Wine

Whether you’re putting out a large platter of charcuterie filled with cured meats like Prosciutto or planning to sous vide a pork belly for the main feature, you’ll be sure to impress with bubbles. These preparations of pork are salty and fatty and crave a wine high in acidity to balance out all of the richness. It’s a match made in heaven.

Colonial Recommends:

  •  Conquilla Cava Brut 
  •  Gerard Bertrand Crémant de Limoux Brut 
  •  Geoffroy Rose de Signee Champagne 


For more info about wine servings for your holiday shindig or to pick up any of these wines for yourself, head to Colonial's website or call (501) 223-3120.