As a cosmetic surgeon who literally has a shelf full of breast implants in my office, it can be easy to forget that breast augmentation isn’t often talked about in the course of a normal person's day. After all, it’s a very personal topic.

However, it’s important to ask questions, especially when curious about a cosmetic procedure. While it’s best to meet with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to get the facts, I’ve answered a few of the top questions about breast augmentation here (so you don’t have to ask your friends).

Can people tell if you have breast implants?

Only if you want them to! Chances are at least one woman you know has implants and you are none the wiser. Breast implants come in many sizes, shapes and profiles to fit a variety of chest and breast contours. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help you choose implants that complement your natural proportions, so you simply look great, not “augmented.” Plus, the latest generation of silicone implants feel and move almost exactly like natural breast tissue.

Who gets breast augmentation in Little Rock?

There is no single “type.” I’ve had breast augmentation patients in their 20s and their 70s, teachers, moms, mechanics, even other doctors! That’s because breast implants can do more than provide larger breasts. Other reasons for breast augmentation include correcting asymmetry, restoring volume lost after pregnancy, improving shape of tubular breasts and helping clothing fit better.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

My Little Rock breast augmentation prices begin at $3,900 for saline implants and $4,900 for silicone. This covers surgeon’s fees and all associated costs including implants, anesthesia, operating room fees and follow-up visits.

How much work would I miss for breast implant surgery?

Most patients return to daily tasks and desk jobs within five days. Exercise and physical work can be resumed after two to four weeks, depending on how strenuous the activity is. Results are nearly conclusive (i.e., you can safely invest in new bras) in two to three months, although slight swelling can linger for several months after breast augmentation surgery.

Where can I get breast augmentation in Little Rock?

I encourage you to consult with several surgeons. Narrow your search to doctors who are board-certified in cosmetic surgery and who have numerous positive breast augmentation reviews from real patients. You want extensive skill in breast surgery as well as a high patient satisfaction rate. Glance at their online before and after gallery to see if their work appeals to you, then ask to see more results when you visit the surgeon’s office, as some patients opt out of online galleries. Look for patients who look like you “before” and see how the surgeon was able to help them.

My priority is helping patients learn all they can before making a decision, so consultations at Cosmetic Surgery Center include a breast sizing session as well as plenty of time to discuss your questions and concerns. I invite you to call the office at 501.227.0707 and make an appointment.


Dr. Rhys Branman is a graduate of Vanderbilt University Medical School with more than 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience. Meet Dr. Branman and the Cosmetic Surgery Center staff, ask questions and learn about your options with a free consultation. Call 501.227.0707, contact the center online or stop by the offices at 10809 Executive Center Drive, Ste. 100 in Little Rock to schedule your appointment.