As 2019 nears, we’re drawing attention to resources to really help you fulfill your New Year’s resolution. Every weight loss journey has its challenges, but the primary goal must include maintaining the results you’ve worked hard to achieve.

At Profile by Sanford, the team understands everyone’s journey varies. That’s why their certified Profile coaches will develop a Profile plan unique to your specific needs based on three core principles: nutrition, activity and lifestyle.

Those core principles break down like this:

  • nutrition – providing a personalized meal plan that includes nutrient-rich Profile food along with healthy groceries
  • activity – developing a simple activity and exercise plan with your abilities and fitness level in mind
  • lifestyle – helping you develop healthy habits and overcome stress

Profile is backed by Sanford Health, one of the world’s largest and most innovative integrated health systems. A diversely experienced team of researchers, physicians and geneticists came together to assemble a comprehensive, evidence-based program. The staff includes a registered dietitian to truly help fine-tune each individual plan while setting up realistic, achievable health goals every step of the way.

The staff takes the time to understand your goals, health history and lifestyle. From there, they create a weight loss plan that’s truly tailored to your unique needs.

The foundation for memberships focuses heavily on one-on-one coaching. The lifestyle and weight loss coaches come from a variety of wellness backgrounds and undergo extensive training to receive and maintain profile certification. Members are teamed up with the coach who has the skills that best match their needs.

From one-on-one coaching sessions, your individual Profile plan will be divided into three phases designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Members can choose to purchase a Profile Precise test that determines how efficiently the body digests carbohydrates based on your genetics. The Profile Promise guarantees that members will lose 15 percent of their body weight if they come to coaching appointments, trust their plan and use Profile food products.

Along with a vast library of recipes, members can also get discounts on Profile foods such as:

  • protein shakes and bars (in varying flavor options)
  • entrées like creamy fettuccine alfredo (yes, you can eat pasta)
  • desserts like guiltless chocolate fudge cake (yes, you can eat cake)
  • easy breakfast items, drinks and sauce/condiment options

Profile by Sanford is here for you and here with you in every phase of your journey. Contact them today at 501.214.4342 to meet with a coach about nutritional plans.