When it comes to holiday decorating, the task can be a bit daunting. That's why we reached out to design guru Shayla Copas to learn her tips and tricks for making the decorating process a breeze. 


Some people wait until after Thanksgiving to put up holiday decorations. Do you have a particular date that you put up your holiday decor?  

Shayla Copas: Because I am busy during the holiday season working on all of my client’s holiday decor, I put mine up just after Halloween.


When you start decorating each year, what area do you tackle first?

SC: I tackle the trees first.  


What aspect of holiday decorating is your favorite?   

SC: There is something magical about a Christmas tree.


What are your tips for getting your house ready for the holidays?

SC: Organize the year before and putting up Christmas will definitely run like clockwork. I order large plastic storage bins and label them per room and per item: for example, "living room Christmas tree" or "living room mantel." This saves time the following year as you automatically know which ornaments go on the tree or the mantel since they are packaged accordingly.



What tips or tricks have you learned over the years to make holiday decorating a breeze?

SC: I start with the large ornaments first and finish with the smaller. We attach our ornaments with green pipe cleaners to secure them tightly to the tree.


What are some small ways people can step up their Christmas tree decorations?

SC: If a client is tight for funds and wants to make a splash with a large ornament look, I suggest purchasing smaller balls and clustering them in threes or fives with a pipe cleaner.


What about the fireplace? What are your go-to tips for sprucing up the mantle?

SC: I love to incorporate fresh cedar stems with artificial garland. The garland provides the fluff and the fresh stems give a traditional holiday feel to the room. Make sure to mist the stems with water each day so they do not dry out.



What do you recommend when it comes to choosing between faux or real greenery and trees?

SC: I tend to lean towards faux. There are so many amazing artificial trees to select from on the market and they last for many years.


How big is too big when it comes to Christmas trees?

SC: You can never go to big in my opinion. The average tree height that we work with is 10-14 feet tall.


Do you have any favorite candles or scents you fill your home with during the holiday season?

SC: Yes, I love the LUX line of candles for the holiday season. Their Aspen Holiday and Cypress scents are heaven.


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