Women & Children First provides safety, strength and hope for all victims of family violence. We operate the statewide 24-hour domestic violence crisis hotline and offer a safe and secure 54-bed shelter for all survivors of family violence and their children. Crisis intervention, creating a safety plan, social and legal advocacy, counseling, workforce education and training are support services we provide. We have helped more than 15,500 women and children by empowering them to live independently without violence.


$250 - $1,000 provides toys, books, backpacks and bus tokens

$1,000 - $4,000 provides food, blankets, sheets, pillows and diapers

$2,000 - $5,000 helps provide crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy

• Give the precious gift of time. Volunteer to read or help someone develop a resume, learn to cook, develop a household budget or acquire job skills. Share your skills and talents by helping with various tasks around the shelter.

Established: 1976

Employees: 28

Service Area: Central Arkansas

Angela McGraw

P.O. Box 1954
Little Rock, AR 72203
Crisis hotline: 800.322.4443


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