A gift to the foundation is a gift for the future. Join us today as we get young Arkansans unplugged and engaged in the outdoors!


Founded in 1982, the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation is composed of men and women from across the state who are passionate about promoting hunting, fishing and conservation education among Arkansans.

The foundation is committed to supporting the mission of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission with its important role of keeping The Natural State natural. During the last 100 years, the commission has overseen the protection, conservation and preservation of various species of fish and wildlife and their habitats across Arkansas.

A continuing mission of the foundation is supporting the agency’s education initiatives aimed at getting young Arkansans unplugged and engaged in the outdoors!


The foundation is leading fundraising efforts for the Northwest Arkansas Nature and Education Center. Part-museum, part-classroom and part-playground, the $15 million center will create a major footprint in northwest Arkansas in a single step for the commission. The center will be a cornerstone in the commission’s efforts to further improve the quality of life for the community for generations by providing a rich learning environment ensuring appreciation, excitement and wonder that only nature provides. Call the foundation for more information about this project.


• The foundation’s annual membership fund is an excellent way to show support for the future of fish and wildlife resources in Arkansas.

• The Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame banquet is an annual event recognizing instrumental Arkansans for their conservation efforts across the state.

• Our second annual Into the Wild fundraiser on Oct. 26 in Springdale features a wild game supper, bluegrass band and live and silent auctions.

• An essential part of ensuring healthy wildlife populations involves people. Join us today!

Established: 1982

Employees: 2

Service Area: Arkansas

Deke Whitbeck


John Rutledge, Chairman
Bill Jones, Vice Chairman
Greg Feltus, Secretary
Dr. Hayden Franks, Treasurer

Andy Miller
Anne Marie Doramus
Bob Gunderman
Brent Birch
Carter Clark
Chris Gosnell
Cody Crawford
David Snowden
Dow Brantley
Dr. Bob Young
Dr. Brandon Morgan
Dr. Jeff Wisener
Dr. Roy Burrell
Ford Overton
Franklin Bass
Gar Lile
Haynes Whitney
Henry Paul Willmuth
Hunter Bale
Jay Moss
Jon Ross Henderson
Kenny Gunderman
Kramer Darragh
Larry Bowden
Marion McCollum
Marshall Saviers
Randy Milligan
Randy Wilbourn
Robert Feltus
Robert Moery
Rory Herndon
Scott Tabor
Shay Sebree
Steve N. Wilson
Steven Son
Thomas Shurgar
TJ Lawhon
Todd Ross
Tracy Finn
Tri Watkins
Witt Stephens Jr.

2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

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