Three decades ago, Shelly and Alan Matheny dreamed of doing exactly what they’re doing now—owning and operating a thriving business that creates some of the state’s finest luxury pools.

Until recently, their company was a branch of Morehead Pools, a respected family business that creates poolscapes throughout the region. The Mathenys are now the sole owners, and have rebranded their new company as Diamond Pools, offering a full range of design, construction and maintenance services.

With the help of two designers on staff, the team at Diamond Pools brings a stunning and creative vision to life in each and every backyard. The nearly 40 poolscapes the company builds each year include swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and benches in virtually any native material.

"We design the whole outdoor environment," says Alan Matheny, noting that the company’s creations frequently complement the area’s natural landscape by incorporating native flagstone from Arkansas or Oklahoma. It’s an understated, local material, but the results are as magical as the materials are mundane.

The Diamond Pools showroom offers the area’s largest retail shopping for pool supplies and equipment, paired with an exclusive design center where clients get hands-on access to options for coping, tile, stone and plaster finishes.

3D pool and hardscape design software helps clients match their pool’s style to their taste, enhancing the homeowner’s participation in the process, while optimizing the project’s configuration to match their vision. Clients can then view and modify a large-scale image on a 55” flat-screen monitor, which is then transformed into a blueprint for the project.

Diamond Pools also incorporates high-tech elements into its designs. App-controlled lighting and water features allow users to control their pools from virtually anywhere. Plus, Diamond Pools has exclusive territorial rights to install the Paramount PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system, a national leader in its category.

As APSP members and veterans of the business, the Mathenys are masters of delighting homeowners with a well-designed and high-quality product. But no matter how many pools they install with advanced features and eye-catching finishes, the simple joy reflected in the smiles of each client is what drives them to focus on the simple things, too.

"My favorite thing is to see the families having a good time in the backyard environment we’ve created for them," Shelly Matheny adds. "I love to see the kids having a good time at the pool."

Diamond Pools is located at 5501 Ranch Drive in Little Rock. Visit the company website for more information, and contact them at (501) 868-7946 or