Fashion for me has always been working with elaborate beadwork, ornate details and bringing my clients' custom dreams to life. My journey in this industry wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include the everyday woman into my fashion plans!

What better way for the modern fashionista to rock her own version of quality, high fashion styles at an affordable price than to create a ready-to-wear collection that blends high fashion and affordability?

This month’s blog not only offers tips on how to incorporate the bold color yellow into your summer wardrobe, but introduces my latest Romás Ready to Wear Collection! The limited edition capsule collection is now available online.

Bold Beautiful

As the summer heats up, bold and colorful fashion trends are bursting onto the scene as haute as the summer sun. Looking for new ways to revive your wardrobe without draining the purse? Dare to be different and add a few key pops of color to your shopping list.

Clutch your classic pearls! The most wanted fashion color this year is yellow. Yes, yellow! This vibrant hue is not one to be shied away from this season and offers a refreshing touch to your wardrobe. Adding this cheerful color creates a quick update whether you choose to add it as an accessory, a dress or a sleek jumper.

The Romás jumper is destined to be a head-turner for any event and you’ll leave them breathless from the moment you arrive in this sexy ruffled sheath number.


Let’s do avoid a serious fashion disaster by not taking on your day looking like the yellow trend overkill queen. The perfect way to mellow your yellow is with neutrals. It may sound a little scary to try such a daring color, but trust me, you too can enjoy this statement-making addition to this season’s runways.

The key to turning heads is knowing what works for you. Warm skin tones should look for yellows that are more gold or mustard, and cool skin tones are best in yellows that are more lemon or butter. So there you have it; put your best stiletto forward and have a go at adding a punch of yellow to your day!

Keeping It Cool

Do I need to say again how much I love a classic? Allow me to repeat myself and say that you can never go wrong with the ultra classic black and white.

Let’s overlook for one minute that black isn’t the first choice when the temperatures are blazing outside. There are still fashionable and stylishly cool ways to incorporate the darker shade into your summer ensembles.

A fashion must-have for the office is the very chic Romás jumpsuit with a contrasting asymmetrical top. Boss is written all over this stylish look.

The seasoned quick change artist knows to add a pair of strappy, open-toed heels for a swift, after-5 p.m. transition. Sophisticated style options for the sunless tone don’t end there. Make an unforgettable entrance in our latest version of the little black dress with a twist.

Now turn up the index on this muted palette and introduce a bit of the summer sizzle by accessorizing with a kick of color.


Wardrobe provided by Romás Ready to Wear

Models: Madelyn Parks and Rickei Jackson 


Linda Rowe Thomas is an an award-winning fashion designer, author, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Thomas is the founder and creative director of Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas, in downtown Little Rock, the only only designer showroom and production house in the state of Arkansas.
Thomas' fashion career consists of more than 20 years in buying, marketing, management and design. To date, her celebrity clientele has included actresses, Grammy award-winning singers and professional athletes. Her highly sought-after couture label has graced the runways of the Golden Globes, ESPYs, BET and more. Thomas continues to showcase her brand at some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world, including Mercedes Benz Fashion.