Now in its second year, the Urban Farm Fest is all about reconnecting locals with their state’s agricultural heritage through Heifer International. Event chair Amanda Seevers put on her boots and hit the hay — literally — to give us the scoop on the sophomore fest.

What is the goal of Urban Farm Fest?

Heifer International sought to create a more casual event accessible to young professionals in an effort to expand our awareness locally. All proceeds support the Heifer USA program, which works with small-scale farmers in Arkansas. We hope Urban Farm Fest will pique interest in Heifer’s mission globally and here in Arkansas, as well as encourage young people to get involved and support Heifer moving forward.

What can guests expect at this event?

Urban Farm Fest guests can anticipate an entertainment-filled evening at the Heifer Urban Farm, located downtown behind Heifer Headquarters and Village. In contrast to Heifer’s more formal event, Feast in the Field, being held the following evening, Urban Farm Fest is “sneaker casual” in hopes guests will dress to play at the farm, stroll through the garden and interact with the farm animals. The talented team at Heifer Urban Farm have built incredible lawn games, including a mini golf course. There will also be live music from the Funkanites, as well as a variety of food trucks, ranging from Excaliburger to Loblolly Creamery. Best of all, because the event is for individuals who are 21 and over, Rock Town Distillery and Rebel Kettle will provide delectable drinks, including cocktails made with custom gin prepared with ingredients from the farm.

What do you wish people knew about Heifer USA?

My primary hope is that recognition for Heifer USA’s impact on small-scale farmers expands. Not only do their efforts provide farmers with training and connections to market, they also link farmers with other growers in Arkansas to help create cooperatives, which ultimately improve farming methods and increase production levels. Of course, there is a local economic impact because supporting the local food movement in turn keeps wealth in our community.

Why did you decide to get involved with the organization?

My involvement with Heifer International began professionally while I was working on their holiday fundraising campaign as part of the creative team at Cranford Co. As relationships evolved and I met Kathy Findley, the meeting and event manager for Heifer International, we worked to form a committee and created the first Urban Farm Fest event last year. My continued involvement is largely due to my appreciation and love for the wonderful people that work at Heifer International and their noble mission to end hunger and poverty through the best practices of sustainability and above all else, education.

How can readers help further the Heifer USA mission?

There are a variety of ways to further the Heifer USA mission. Of course, monetary donations are always helpful, but so is volunteering at either of the learning centers, including the Heifer Village in Little Rock or the Heifer Ranch in Perryville. Additionally, a lot of Soirée readers might be unaware of the local events held at the Heifer Village and Urban Farm. I encourage everyone to follow Heifer International on Facebook as information about local, family-friendly events and workshops are often shared. There’s really only a positive return from educating anyone, especially children — the future’s leaders — about sustainability and eco-friendly practices.


Heifer Urban Farm Fest
June 7, 5:30 p.m. at Heifer International
Tickets + Info: Heifer.org/UrbanFarmFest