Oh, honey. The Arkansas Repertory Theatre gets all kinds of glittery for its spring musical "Mamma Mia!" as part of its 42nd season run.

Since it first premiered in 1999, "Mamma Mia!" has proven to be a complete hit with audiences around the world, pulling people in with its all-ABBA-all-the-time soundtrack, and it shows no signs of slowing down in Little Rock.

By now, you probably know the premise: Young Sophie (played by Sarah Daniels) is getting married on the Greek island she grew up on with her mother Donna (Erin Mosher). Determined to be walked down the aisle by her long lost father, she steals her mother's diary and secretly invites the three potential men to her wedding. And yes, things only get more ridiculous from there.

With Mosher and Daniels at the center of this Grecian paradise delivering flawless powerhouse performances, it'd be all too easy to cast a couple divas, prop up the rest of the show and hope for the best. But director John Miller-Stephany did no such thing.

From Donna's besties Tanya (April Nixon) and Rosie (Alison Nusbaum); to the impeccable ensemble; to the three proud papas, Sam (Cooper Grodin), Harry (Peter Simon Hilton) and Bill (T.J. Mannix); everyone serves up non-stop fun for the audience. Each member of the cast is a triple threat: They sing, they dance and they do it all with comedic chops, including a dance number in full-on snorkel gear — flippers included.

It's difficult not to get swept away by sparkly bell-bottoms, a sun-drenched set that puts you on the water's edge and the "bubble gum" sounds of ABBA, but then again, we're not sure why you would resist it in the first place. Yes, the winner takes it all, and The Rep's "Mamma Mia!" plays for keeps.

"Mamma Mia!l" runs through April 15. For showtimes and more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit The Rep’s website. You can also call (501) 378-0405 or visit the theater's box office downtown at 601 Main St., Little Rock.