Table 28 is going vegan. Well, for a few nights, anyway. 

Table 28 will offer $40 Vegan Night events with a special vegan menu alongside its delicious dinner menu. The west Little Rock hotspot is only offering this spread Jan. 29-31, but there are plans to Vegan Nights once every three months, with brand new menus each time. 

The menu includes:

  • Buffalo tofu + vegan bleu 

  • Curried sweet potato and coconut bisque with cinnamon croutons

  • Kale Caesar salad with cured tomatoes, olives and oiled crust 

A Lot 
  • Country fried cauliflower steak with gravy, heirloom tomatoes, lion's mane and kale 

  • Coffee-rubbed borelo carrots with brioche-stuffed black apple, ricotta "peanut," scarlet queen turnip, candied orange, pepitas and not white chocolate

  • Espresso creme caramel with spiced pecans 

  • Cardamom sponge with hazelnut sauce 

Located inside The Burgundy Hotel, Table 28's hours are 4-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 4-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

To book your reservation today, call (501) 224-2828, and learn more on the Table 28 website.

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