We just found your new favorite Sunday afternoon spot.

On the bottom floor of the large, green house at 2622 Kavanaugh is the latest addition to the Hillcrest lineup, Abbi's Teas & Things. The former location of Breathe Salon is now the home of the charming tea shop run by Abbi Siler.

"Abbi's is a place where you can get a quick cuppa to go or sit and enjoy a nice chat or use our Wi-Fi," Siler says. "The setup is very cozy, and we want people to feel like they are coming to my house and hanging out with us."

At Abbi's you'll find a lengthy menu of custom tea blends and traditional tea favorites, along with pastries, sandwiches and other baked goods from Old Mill Bread. According to Siler, guests can enjoy everything from fun blends like cherry chamomile to Chinese and Japanese teas like sencha and yunnan noir, aiming to please "the most adventurous tea lovers and the newest of tea enthusiasts."

One corner of the shop is dedicated to selling a variety of locally sourced items like jewelry and books, while the walls are covered in for-sale works by local artists. The back room doubles as a reservable space for tea parties, book clubs and other meetings.

This shop brings a fresh flavor to a city that's filled with coffee, but is lacking in a strong tea presence.

"There are several coffee shops that offer a selection of loose leaf teas, but tea is usually not the specialty product of those locations," Siler says. "I am excited to share my love and knowledge of teas with people and also talk tea with my fellow tea lovers in Little Rock."

Along with Siler's passion for tea is a deep love for community. The Hillcrest resident lives just down the way from her new home away from home and is excited to deepen her roots in the neighborhood.

"This is the place where you can come have a gorgeous afternoon tea on Sunday and even have a nice tea party with pretty tablecloths and dishes, but you can still put your elbows on the table!" she says. "We want people to feel comfortable here, and if you're new to tea, that's okay! We will help you find something you will enjoy!"

Abbi's Teas & Things is open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Learn more on the shop's website and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.