Tacos 4 Life is blessing us with yet another central Arkansas location.

The philanthropic-minded, Arkansas-grown restaurant chain has unveiled plans to build a new location in the Dillard's parking lot at McCain Mall. The North Little Rock location is expected to open this summer and is one of many Tacos 4 Life locations slated to open in 2018. The restaurant will stand alone in the parking lot and will face the front of Warden Road at 4211 Warden Road.

“We are excited for the opportunity to come to North Little Rock and partner with Dillard’s for this much-anticipated location,” Tacos 4 Life Co-founder Austin Samuelson said in a press release. “This new location will also mark a new standard for Tacos 4 Life stores as it will be our newest prototype, bringing the latest technology that will lead to an even better customer experience.”

The new location will be the 13th planned Tacos for Life restaurant. So far, there are eight locations; seven across Arkansas and one in Frisco, Texas. Tacos 4 Life already announced plans for adding a location in Rogers and one in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tacos 4 Life will release more information regarding the location and the official opening date as summer approaches. In the meantime, stay tuned for details on the Tacos 4 Life Facebook page.