In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the month marking the 155th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (ADPT) announced the launch of a new initiative: the Civil Rights Trail.  

The LRCVB and the ADPT have been working alongside the Alabama Department of Tourism to develop an inventory of civil rights landmarks. The organizations will use that inventory to create a U.S. Civil Rights Trail. The trail will span across 14 states and include more than 100 sites, such as museums, churches and schools. Arkansas has seven sites including Little Rock Central High School, the Daisy Bates House, the Little Rock Nine Monument and the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

The trail announcement took place at a press conference at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site Visitor Center. In addition to unveiling the trail and website, the press conference served as an opportunity to learn more about the work Arkansas is doing to highlight sites relating to African American history and culture. 

"I think I’m most looking forward to this website and its more than 100 sites providing visitors from all over the U.S. and abroad now having a way to look for these sites in one place, and thereby, simplifying their search," says John Mayner, Vice President Marketing and Communications at the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau. "Additionally, with the collective advertising and [public relations] support that Travel South USA, state tourism offices and local destination marketing organizations are providing, it will be interesting to see how awareness and interest in these sites grow in the months and years to come."

For additional information regarding this national initiative, visit the new Civil Rights Trail website. And, if you're still looking for a thoughtful way to spend your day off, Mega Kingfest has you covered