This is the year we finally get to fall in love with the new restaurant venture, Cathead’s Diner, from culinary wizards Kelli Marks and Donnie Ferneau. The restaurant will go into the Paint Factory in Little Rock's East Village (515 Shall Ave.)Since we first broke the news about Cathead’s, we’ve had visions of the doughnut/barbecue/all-things-Southern menu the two hinted about back in November.

Ferneau will handle the meats involved with Cathead’s and Marks will focus on the delicious pastries. Ferneau has been working on his barbecue recipe for the past four years in secret, waiting for the right time to debut it. Marks, the previous owner of Sweet Love Bakes, will tackle cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cakes, pies and more for the masses.

Spoiler alert: The doughnuts aren’t your typical glazed or maple variety. Marks gets creative with her recipes, dreaming up such holey wonders as bacon-lovers, salted caramel and Lucky Charms creations.

Ferneau also mentioned a homemade chicken soup that will be on standby at the restaurant for folks who want to eat there or take it home by the quart if they’re feeling under the weather. If that’s not enough, Marks and Ferneau hinted at a hangover kit complete with doughnuts, bloody marys and Southern staples.

Team Soirée got to taste several of the goodies from the menu. Hopefully, these photos will help tide you over until the expected March 2018 opening.

Marks' delicious cinnamon rolls with pecan garnish. 

Ferneau's ribs dressed with his homemade barbecue sauce, rub and pickled veggies on the side. 

Marks' pink lemonade icebox pie made from her Grandmother Clover's recipe. 

Marks' beautiful doughnut creations included a bacon-lovers, strawberry glaze and a chocolate doughnut. 

That is indeed pulled pork atop a doughnut. This is not a drill.  


For more news about Cathead's, follow along on their Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.