Once you’ve made the central Arkansas real estate plunge, you can relax about school ... kind of. From kindergarten through 12th grade you can send your child off to the neighborhood public or private school without a qualm as school options in the area are bountiful.

Nonetheless, selecting the right school for your child can feel overwhelming. In this special section, we created a guide to assist in your selection process. Our hope is that having a better understanding of what various schools and school districts offer will make your decision easier.

Not all schools in the Little Rock area are represented here, so be sure to do your research, but get to know the ins and outs of these great schools and districts featured on the following pages. Schedule a tour, visit with teachers and principals and then relax. Your kids are going to be just fine.

Central Arkansas Christian Schools

Little Rock Christian Academy

Little Rock School District

Pulaski County Special School District


The Anthony School

Quest Academy West Little Rock

Second Presbyterian Preschool