Step back in time while touring Mount Holly Cemetery ... at night. 

On Oct. 9 at 6 p.m., Parkview High School students will put on their 24th annual presentation of Tales of the Crypt. This unique production features historic Arkansas figures such as Eleanor Counts, Quatie Ross and David O. Dodd as portrayed by high school students who have studied up on the Arkansas legends of old.

High school drama students are assigned one of Mount Holly's residents to portray for the evening during a four-minute monologue or a duet performance. Local costume designer Debi Manire outfits the students with historically-accurate costumes for each character. Student tour guides escort groups from gravesite to gravesite while educating them about the cemetery’s 175-year history.

Though Mount Holly at night is undoubtedly spooky, the event is more of an interactive history experience. (Read: This is not a haunted house.) Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes to easily maneuver the uneven paths winding through the cemetery. 

The event is free to the public, but donations to Mount Holly are encouraged. More information about the event, including which characters will be portrayed by which actors, can be found at Parkview High's website