Holly Jolly Bartlett

Breed: Cavapoo

Owners: Katy, Travis and Alyson Bartlett

Doggy daycare: Holly is an office pup at Stone Ward Advertising. She is the official Mascot.

Groomer: Doggie Do’s

Personality in one sentence: Only need one word - "Jolly."

Katy’s favorite thing about Holly Jolly: Everyone always compliments Holly Jolly’s eyes, We also love her cheerful disposition and constant tail wagging. Whether she’s hanging out by the pool, relaxing in the office or posing for photos, she’s always a great sport.

Holly Jolly’s favorites

Peanut butter and Frosted Mini Wheats

She loves going to the dog walk right by our office near the territorial restoration

Stuffed reindeer she received her first Christmas

Hollywood Feed

Playing with her owners (especially 7-year-old Alyson) and rubbing noses with her fellow Stone Ward dogs

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