Handbag designer Christopher Belt is making waves in the fashion world. This summer, the Sheridan native broke records by taking home three Independent Handbag Designer Awards.

He beat out designers from five continents and 28 countries to take home the Bernina Best Handmade Handbag award, the Perfect Everyday Work Tote by Aimee Kestenberg award and the Best Retail Bag Presented by Neiman Marcus award, which puts his design on Neiman Marcus shelves.

Now headquartered in New York, Belt still credits his Southern roots with much of his inspiration.

“Growing up in rural Arkansas, the women in my family gifted each other handbags," he said. "I found it was a way for women to communicate, even women who don’t agree upon much at all."

Belt's design career may be taking off, but first he's celebrating his big win in his home state at an event titled An Evening at Esse with Christopher Belt. Slated for Oct. 12 at the Esse Purse Museum, the event will also serve to benefit one of Belt's favorite causes, Comfort Cases, an organization that provides needed items to kids in the foster care system.

Moreover, Esse will soon be a permanent collection site for Comfort Cases starting Sept. 12. Guests who donate items on the wish list will receive complimentary admission to the museum, and an extra 15 percent off at the museum store with the donation of backpacks and duffel bags.

To learn more about An Evening at Esse with Christopher Belt and claim your tickets, click here.

For more information on Belt and his work, visit his website or follow along on Instagram.

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