SoMa's been workin' on its fitness.

SparkFit is the newest addition to the neighborhood, and it's all about helping people build healthier lives. Located at 1324B South Main, behind Sweet Home Furnishings & Clement, this "movement studio" offers a range of equipment, classes and training options for all levels of expertise.

We caught up with co-founder Kecia McCracken to learn more about the new gym and its unique mission in the community.


What was the inspiration behind opening up SparkFit?

KM: My husband, Glenn, and I opened SparkFit from a place of personal inspiration. We both have long term movement practices that have been integral parts of our personal, spiritual evolution. We believe that healthy movement of the body is crucial to living a full and satisfied life.

Modern working conditions often keep many people sedentary, unhealthy and feeling disconnected. We want SparkFit to be an inclusive community where people of all fitness levels come to get connected to themselves and others, while being empowered with the tools needed to sustain a healthy movement practice and lifestyle. We want to help individuals and the community be healthier and happier!


Is there anything new that you hope to offer in the future?

KM: Glenn, being a licensed counselor and personal trainer, is currently developing programming for classes to address specific areas of mental health management. We eventually want to have mindful movement classes that will assist individuals in managing anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders. Stay tuned!

After Labor Day, we will begin an after-school youth mentoring program and also have a community youth night on Wednesdays! Both programs will be donation based and open to all teenagers who are interested. We believe in investing strongly in the development of our youth!


Why did you choose SoMa?

KM: We chose SoMa because we love the diverse and thriving community! For years, we personally have been frequenting the locally owned stores, restaurants, coffee shops and farmers market in SoMa. So, when the building space became available, we immediately knew it was right!


What do you hope SparkFit will be to the community?

KM: We believe that a flourishing community at large is dependent on the overall health of the individuals within that community. We want to positively influence the physical, mental and spiritual health of all individuals who come to SparkFit so that we can all collectively contribute to creating a better world around us. In addition to our regular daily offerings, we plan to host monthly potluck dinners and other community events that will facilitate fun and connection. We urge everyone to come participate. Let's thrive together!


You can learn more about SparkFit at the gym's website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.


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