If we were to redraw the food pyramid, cheese dip would be in its own category — the "always yes" category.

Little Rock holds a key position in cheese dip lore (yes, really), so it only makes sense that our fair city boasts some of the best recipes you'll find anywhere. Our sister publication, Little Rock Guest Guide, dug in and rounded up a list of the must-have dips around the Rock.

So buckle up. We're going on a cheese dip crawl.


Mexico Chiquito: "The OG"

Welcome to where it all began. Naturally, Mexico Chiquito is a must if you want to truly experience Arkansas cheese dip.


The Fold: Botanas & Bar: "Plays Well with Margs"

Savor this thick and creamy white cheese dip on the welcoming patio while enjoying an afternoon margarita.


Dizzy’s: "The Everything Dip"

Dizzy’s cheese dip was the first winner of the World Cheese Dip Championship held in Little Rock.


Heights Taco & Tamale Co.: "The World Champ"

This is the very cheese dip that secured the Arkansas win in the U.S. Senate cheese dip vs. queso face-off.


Click here for the full list from Little Rock Guest Guide.