Robbi Davis is proud to say that her agency is still 100% locally owned and operated. The driving force of her 32-year career in insurance is the opportunity to serve people.

Born and raised in Pine Bluff, Davis attended the University of Central Arkansas and has been married to Scott Davis for 25 years, who is now a partner at the agency. The agency specializes in group and individual health, life, dental, vision, disability, Medicare Supplement and drug plans. Together they have two children, Maggie (20) and Parker (18), and three cats, Harold, Lucy and Augusta Jane. She is honored to be named a Best Agent for the sixth consecutive year.

What’s a typical day look like?
I start by checking my email each morning. On most days, I attend appointments outside the office until mid-afternoon and then return to the office to finish out the day.

How did you begin your career?
My career began at American HMO, Arkansas’ first Health Maintenance Organization, immediately after graduating from UCA in 1985. I was recruited by Health Advantage in 1987 and by Prudential in 1992. I decided to open my own independent agency in 1996 so that I could offer a variety of carriers to clients and provide them with unprecedented service. My agency is still 100% locally owned and operated.

Is it better to have a high insurance premium and low deductible or vice versa?
I am a huge fan of the High Deductible Health Plans that can be funded by a Health Savings Account (HSA). The annual maximum out of pocket is usually lower under these plans, and they allow the deductible to be funded with tax-free contributions to a HSA. Funds contributed to the HSA can be used for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses. Contributions left over at the end of the year can be rolled to the next year. Funds left in the account at age 65 can be used for any purpose.

How often should coverage be reviewed?
All policies should be reviewed annually. Clients of The Robbi Davis Agency, Inc. receive a review of their coverage once a year.

What makes your customer service outstanding?
Our goal is to make sure that all phone calls are answered by a live agent. Rarely does a caller receive a recorded message. All inquiries are responded to on the same business day. My team and I go above and beyond to make sure that every client is provided with unprecedented service. We realize that service is all that we have to offer and take it very seriously.

Mini Quiz
Neighborhood: Pleasant Valley
Hometown: Little Rock
Last good read: The Shack by Wm. Paul Young
Favorite thing to do in Little Rock: Dine out with family and friends
Go-to lunch spot: US Pizza Company
Two things you like to do outside the office: Shop and spend time with family
Paper or digital calendar: Paper
Last vacation: New York City

1909 Hinson Loop Road, Suite 102 | Little Rock | 501.954.8100

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