There's no doubt about it, summer is here in full force. So since you're going to be sweating anyway, you might as well make it worth your while. This list of local activities will help you do just that.



7/04: Firecracker Fast 5K - Little Rock

7/20: The H2Go Run 2M - Jacksonville



8/02: MEMS 5K Glow Run - Little Rock

8/10: Scorchin Squirrelathon Trail 1M/5K/10M/20M  - Little Rock

8/17: River City 5K - North Little Rock

8/17: Easterseals Walk With Me 5K - Little Rock

8/24: Run With the Flock 5K/1M - Little Rock

8/31: ARK 5K Classic - North Little Rock



9/08: Minuteman 5K/2M Cross Country - Little Rock

9/14:  Race For Education 5K - Benton

9/21: Praying Ninja Warrior 5K - Conway

9/21: Arkansas 20K - Benton