A bright pink 1966 Bell trailer with a teal stripe and California license plate may be the last thing you expect to see on your 5 p.m. commute home from work.

However, Batesville native Cheyenne Matthews is taking the beauty world by storm by delivering a full-service mobile salon to residents surrounding Little Rock and Austin, Texas.

Matthews lived in Little Rock for seven years before moving to Texas earlier this year. While living in Austin, Matthews would still travel to Little Rock to serve her client base, and was invested in by a Little Rock client to start The Southern Blonde.

"I would just come back [to Little Rock] every three to four weeks and then go back to Austin to work, and that’s when we were like, 'Let’s just make this mobile,'" Matthews said.

The Southern Blonde, a "blow and go" mobile salon, doesn’t let its size limit the services available, as the list of offerings ranges from a haircut to nail and skin care to waxing, botox and photography.

Though Matthews said that individual appointments can be booked on The Southern Blonde website, she also emphasized that the girls can be booked for private parties for all ages.

"We do the set up. Mom and dad give me a theme, you know, what are the kids into and we completely deck it out," Matthews said. "We feed them and cater food to the event. I bring a canopy tent, so we set up a tent, we do literally everything. We break it down and we leave and it’s like we were never there."

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Matthews isn’t alone in her business endeavours, as her long-time friends Jamie Lynn Jones and Kristen Gann have joined her team. While Matthews focuses on hair care, Jones serves as the team’s makeup artist and skincare expert, while Gann is the business’s photographer.  

The three girls operate out of individual trailers, though Matthews said that due to demand, there are plans for two more trailers in the works, expanding her company to a five-trailer caravan.

Though all functioning under the umbrella of The Southern Blonde, each trailer has its own purpose. For example, Gann can go on site and photograph an event as her trailer, Scout, serves as a fully-functioning studio.

One of the trailers in renovation, Wendy, will be stationed in Little Rock as a permanent spot to take daily appointments. Wendy is expected to be finished by the end of June. Lucy, a 1962 Shasta trailer, is also in renovations and is set to stay in Austin.

"The end goal is to be a super convenient, full-service mobile party," Matthews said, "like a mobile beauty party."

Though primarily based out of Little Rock and Austin, Matthews said the girls tour around the central Arkansas area, and will go to appointments in other cities based on demand.

There are different packages that can be scheduled on the website, meaning a party's services can be customized to fit your needs.

The basic package, what Matthews calls the Loretta Lynn, covers hair appointments from cut to color. The middle package is when you get two of the three services, whether it be hair and makeup or hair and photography. The combo package, or the Marilyn, is all three services: hair care, makeup and skincare and photography.

You can book appointments starting July 1 on their website, or by emailing blondetruck@gmail.com. You can also follow The Southern Blonde's adventures on Facebook and Instagram.


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