Here's what two locals have to say about living in downtown Little Rock and Argenta.

Annie Burton

Director of Youth Ministry, Adult Formation & New Members
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Where do you live and for how long?

I moved to South Summit Street in July 2016.

What do you love most about living and working downtown?

I live just one mile from where I work and about three miles from where my kids go to school. I love the proximity to everything and the fact that I don’t have to deal with traffic anymore! I can leave five minutes before I need to be anywhere and still arrive early. I also love the vibe. My neighbors also live and work downtown, and we are a community — much more so than when I lived out west. Our children play together, we all talk to each other and care about one another. It’s an awesome feeling to have a relationship with one’s neighbors rather than everyone simply scurrying inside after work.

Favorite spot to grab dinner?

Capital Bar & Grill

Favorite weekday lunch spot and what do you order?

The Root — I always get the egg salad sandwich and sweet potato fries!

What are some of your favorite shops in the area?

The Green Corner Store is such a neat shop and the ice cream is to die for!

Favorite local drink or cocktail, and where can we get it?

Rosemary’s Baby at South on Main

Favorite neighborhood event?

The Arkansas State Fair. I love the fall and the fair means fall. And now I can actually walk to the fair, a real treat!

Describe your perfect Saturday:

My perfect Saturday is sleeping in until 8 a.m. and enjoying leisurely coffee on my massive front porch as I greet my neighbors walking their dogs or starting their morning routines. Then perhaps I mow the lawn before it gets too hot with my totally rockin’ electric mower that is so quiet and light! The kids go knocking on neighbor’s doors to see if their children can come out to play and I throw the football with my son. An ice cream jaunt to the Green Corner Store for a late afternoon snack, and then it’s back to my front porch for cocktails with those I love.

What events at the church do you think locals should be aware of?

Definitely INSIGHTS! We are bringing in some amazing international speakers. And our Wednesday nights this year include dinner and different learning and creative opportunities for the whole family.

What is downtown’s best kept secret?

The fact that you can work and live down here!

Describe downtown in three words:

Inviting. Beautiful. Safe.

Kent Walker

Owner/Head Cheesemaker
Kent Walker Artisan Cheese

Where do you live and for how long?

I live in the SoMa District, around 21st St. I have lived there for about seven years. It has been fun watching the area grow up.

What do you love most about living/working in downtown Little Rock?

I love how self-contained everything is. It is like a small town in the heart of a bustling city. People and neighbors know each other and say hello when out and about.

Favorite spot to grab lunch and what do you order?

It is so hard to pick a favorite, we are so spoiled by the selection of great restaurants in Little Rock. I will typically rotate through Flying Fish, Southern Gourmasain, E.J.’s and Ciao, but there are far too many great spots to pick a favorite.

Favorite spot to get dinner and what do you order?

I love seeing which food truck is at Stone’s Throw. It’s always a pleasant surprise (because I don’t know how to Twitter). Kathmandu MoMo may be my favorite. Those potatoes are amazing!

Favorite neighborhood event?

Any Excuse to Party at Kent Walker Artisan Cheese each April. That may seem like a shameless plug, but it really is a good time. One of the best parts of downtown is that there are always different festivals going on. I love a good festival day!

What are some of your favorite shops in the area?

Without a doubt, the best shopping experience downtown is at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market on Sundays. It has the friendliest vendors and the best selection of food and handcrafted items around.

Favorite local drink or cocktail and where can we get it?

Either a Rock Town Aged Bourbon, or whatever new beer is on tap at Stone’s Throw.

Describe your perfect Saturday downtown:

Watching the sunrise while I walk my pets, working in the garden before it gets hot. Then heading to the cheesery to check in on any fresh cheeses that need attention. Trying to sneak in a bike ride around the River Trail (maybe with a midway break at Wild River Country). Seeing or playing some music with friends in the evening and a pint or two at Stone’s Throw (or my own bar, if I can avoid being roped into working on a Saturday night). Finishing off with watching a show or reading with my wife.

What is your favorite thing from YOUR menu/offerings?

My favorite is the raclette. This is a cheese melting device of Swiss origin. We typically put our garlic montasio on it. It uses a heating element to melt the top of a half-wheel of cheese onto local bread. Delish! Especially the Italian raclette.

What is downtown’s best-kept secret?

That it is safe. Also, the music lineup at Stickyz. They get some really great bands, but I don’t hear folks talking about them as much.

Describe downtown in 3 words:

Friendly food culture