Three residents of The Heights and Hillcrest share what makes their part of town so special.

Casey Finch

Owner, The Full Moon

Spouse and children’s names: Matt, Bailey (13), Reese (10), and Libby (3).

Where do you live and for how long? South Normandy (Heights) for six years, but I grew up in Hillcrest.

What do you love most about working/living in the Heights and Hillcrest? I get to work with and live around friendly, helpful, and understanding people every day, and that is extremely rewarding. Also, having dozens of high-quality, local-based places to visit is something that I’ll never take for granted.

Favorite spot to grab lunch? All the ladies here at The Full Moon love lunchtime, and the list of our favorites is long, but I’d have to say for take-out it would be Scallions, Cheers, and Buffalo Grill.

What are some of your favorite shops in the area? Of course, I’d have to say The Full Moon! But others I love to frequent are The Toggery for children’s clothes, Feinstein’s for the perfect special occasion dress, and I know I will be in E.Leigh’s quite a bit now that I have a high schooler.

Favorite local drink or cocktail and where can we get it? The PERFECT Tom Collins at So, across the street from The Full Moon. Veo the bartender is the BEST!

Favorite neighborhood event? HarvestFest in Hillcrest.

Describe your perfect Saturday: Most Saturdays start with a soccer game down at Verizon Fields, followed by a delicious cheeseburger at Buffalo Grill. Our family loves to take in the views of our beautiful city with a golf cart ride at CCLR. We love ending our day as a family with dinner on our deck, or a little grown-up time at one of our favorite local restaurants.

Go-to restaurant for dinner? Kid Friendly: US Pizza, Canon Grill, Heights Taco & Tamale. Date Night: Boulevard, Terry’s, or Sushi Café.

What is The Heights and Hillcrest's best kept secret? I would have to say our sweet little neighborhood, South Normandy. It’s a quiet place with wonderful areas for our children to play.

Describe The Heights and Hillcrest in 3 words: Unique, spirited, and storied.

Stacy Wilson

Owner/Designer, Shoppes on Woodlawn / The Little Chick
Spouse and children’s names: Ivan Wilson and Madelyn Wilson (age 6)

Where do you live and for how long? Foxcroft, for 9 years.

What do you love most about working in Hillcrest? The easy access to all of the great local restaurants and boutiques. You can find everything you need all in close proximity.

Favorite spot to grab lunch? My daughter loves US Pizza, so that is a big favorite in our house.

What are some of your favorite shops in the area? Shoppes on Woodlawn, of course!

Favorite local drink or cocktail and where can we get it? I wish I could say I was more adventurous, but I’m a boring Chardonnay girl. So I love to walk over to Ciao Baci after work when I’m able to.

Favorite neighborhood event? First Thursdays in Hillcrest are some of my favorite events. It’s a fun time to be with friends, shop for unique gifts and enjoy live music while supporting some great local businesses.

Describe your perfect Saturday: A perfect Saturday night for our family is dinner at ZaZa’s and gelato!

Go-to restaurant for dinner? I am blessed with a child who loves everything, but really likes sushi. So our go-to restaurant is Kemuri.

What is Hillcrest’s best kept secret? I truly believe all of the local businesses that we have are incredible, and I think in Hillcrest you can find just about whatever you need.

Describe Hillcrest in 3 words: Hidden Historic Gem.

Jeffrey K. Voyles

Owner/Operator, Burge’s Hickory Smoked Turkeys and Hams

Where do you live and for how long? In the Heights area for the last 24 years, currently in the Prospect Terrace Neighborhood.

What do you love most about living in the Heights? I appreciate the heritage of the Heights, the architecture of the homes, and the family-friendly atmosphere. I love that you can take care of most of your needs in a one-mile radius.

Favorite spot to grab dinner? Café Prego, Fantastic China, US Pizza … almost always a call-in an order to take home.

What are some of your favorite shops in the area? Bauman’s for clothes, Red Mango for frozen yogurt.

Favorite local drink or cocktail, and where can we get it? A fresh-squeezed Cherry Limeade at Burge’s, of course.

Favorite neighborhood event? Christmas in the Heights. Most of the local shops participate in some way. It’s such a fun event for children, with carriage rides, pictures with Santa, etc.

Describe your perfect Saturday: I love getting out early and going to local garage sales and estate sales. (The Heights and Hillcrest sales are great for “Pickers.”) Then it’s back to work. There’s typically a very busy Saturday lunch crowd at Burge’s.

What do you order off your menu the most? “Mama” (Louise Henderson) makes me a special sandwich that’s not on the menu. A fried chicken sandwich, with American cheese, fried eggs, and strawberry jelly on butter-toasted bread. It’s really good.

What is the Heights best-kept secret? The Heights Shell Station. You won’t find a better gas station, auto repair shop around. They are the definition of good customer service.

Describe the Heights in 3 words: Classic, Casual, Friendly.