Might want to stretch out those hammies, guys. The Arvest Little Rock Gran Fondo is back. 

Now in its fifth year, the bike tour returns for another spin around the Rock on Saturday, May 18. Presented by Arvest Bank, the Gran Fondo (which is Italian for "big ride," by the way) offers approximately 70 miles of premium central Arkansas courses and scenery, or 40 miles if you opt for the Medio. 

Each leg of the Gran Fondo is about 30 miles, and the pit stops include bike service, food and drinks. That's right: You ride, then eat, then drink, then do it all over again. 

For those of you whose interest piqued at the mention of food, rejoice. The Gran Fondo Food Festival kicks off after the ride, and you don't even have to be wearing Lycra to partake. If you want, you can just show up for the food. 

Riders, you can take your time or rush to the finish line — it’s your call. But go ahead and register now. There are only a few gran fondo races in the country and this one fills up fast. To register, click here.

Visit the Arvest Little Rock Gran Fondo website for more information, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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