Is it too early to be thinking about food truck season? That was a trick question. It’s always the perfect time to think about food trucks.

Cue the newest thing on central Arkansas streets: Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches.

Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches is the brainchild of Leisa and Ty Sims, and is named after their Husky. After checking out the gourmet food truck craze in Los Angeles, the two decided to jump in. A few test rounds later and they had the twisted sandwich.

What’s a twisted sandwich, you ask? Imagine a giant ice cream cone made out of bread, then stuffed with the makings of all your favorite ‘wiches and then some. It’s essentially a sandwich cornucopia, nestled in bread made fresh daily from Julie's Sweet Shoppe & Bakery in Conway.  

“We wanted something you could walk around with and eat at festivals and events,” Leisa said, “something that would always cause someone to stop you and say ‘Where did you get that?’”

It looks like they nailed it. Here’s a look at just a few of the offerings, with descriptions from Leisa.


1. The Cali Hipster

Description: multigrain twisted sandwich with Roxy's Recipe organic guacamole and pico de gallo, seasoned ground beef, garlic rice and gooey cheese

“This one is my personal favorite as I am a guacamole geek. Plus, I like to eat vegetarian when I can, and this is just as good without the ground beef.”

2. Here Piggy Piggy

Description: multigrain twisted sandwich with Roxy's signature mac and cheese and bacon

“Shocker, but gentlemen rate this one neck and neck with the Who Dat sandwich because of the bacon (Who Dat has Andouille sausage). By the way, our mac and cheese is from scratch and heavy on the smoked gouda. It is insanely delicious.”

3. Pub Twist

Description: multigrain twisted sandwich with Roxy's seasoned shredded beef, garlic rice and Roxy's Recipe Cheddar Beer Sauce

“This is super juicy, spicy, shredded roast beef with a from-scratch cheddar beer sauce. It is also really good. We use jasmine rice, so it is not run of the mill by any means. Plus, it is heavy on the garlic. I can eat a bowl all by itself.”

Check out the full menu here.


The trailer and employee training is currently in the works, but you can expect to see Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches on the road in March, with possibly a soft opening in February. As an even better added bonus, the truck will donate five percent of proceeds to a different local no-kill shelter each month (which Roxy is very excited about).

Find out more about Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches on their website, and keep track of updates by giving them a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

And until then, we’ll be drooling over here and waiting very impatiently.