Clockwise from top right: Donna Terrell, Jonathan Looney and Debbie Teague.

Three residents of Chenal Valley share what makes their neighborhood so special.

Debbie Teauge

Since 1999, Debbie Teague and her family have lived in three different neighborhoods in Chenal, but right now they call Margeaux home. When they first moved to the area they built in the DuQuesne neighborhood and then moved to Aberdeen a few years later.

Teague has two teenage children, Tucker and Abby, who have grown up living in Chenal. She loves how family-friendly the area is, with everything from grocery stores to quality schools just minutes away. And as far as hobbies go, Chenal offers something for everyone around every corner.

“Our perfect Saturday in Chenal is golfing for the boys and shopping for the girls,” she says.

Teague is the vice president of the board of directors for Camp Aldersgate, and her day job is with Little Rock’s Janet Jones Company as a Realtor, where she has been working for more than 11 years. Here, she shares more about her Chenal favorites.

What do you love most about Chenal?

Chenal is a good fit for us because of the family atmosphere. I like that the neighborhood has only one entrance in and out. My kids have enjoyed the three community pools, The Promenade and The Chenal Country Club. The favorite pool growing up for my kids was the Chalamont pool because of the dancing water. We also have always enjoyed the Chenal Halloween Parade at Champagnolle Park.

What are some of your favorite restaurants?

Our favorite restaurants in Chenal are Oceans (great date night), Local Lime, YaYa’s and Big Orange (the kids’ favorite). Really we frequent all of the restaurants.

How would you describe Chenal to a stranger?

If I were to describe Chenal to someone coming from out of town I would say it’s peaceful with good neighbors and lots of fun. Chenal is like its own small town with lots of big-city amenities.


Jonathan Looney

One may argue that Jonathan Looney owns one of the oldest businesses in Chenal.

The Sommelier and founder of O’Looney Wines & Liquor opened his store at the corner of Rahling Road and Chenal Parkway 15 years ago, when Chenal Valley contained a mere handful of neighborhoods. Looney was only 27 at the time, but he and his family saw potential in Chenal’s timberlands and decided it was time to go west.

Looney recently added a second sommelier to his staff. That level of knowledge, along with a dedication to personal service, is what sets O’Looney’s apart. Here, Looney shares more about what he loves about being a business owner in Chenal Valley.

Where do you like to dine in Chenal?

Jerry Barakat’s Oceans at Arthur’s serves some of the best steaks in the region. Cantina Cinco de Mayo, literally upstairs from us, has the best Mexican food. Two brothers and their wives own it. The food is fresh and delicious, and they’re nice folks. I’m also excited about the new Del Frisco’s, and I remain excited about Local Lime. Ben Brainard is a close personal friend. Yaya’s has the best all-around fine dining west of the Mississippi.

What do you appreciate most about Chenal?

The community feel is amazing; just neighbors taking care of neighbors. The development association is actively encouraging growth and development. I love that about our community. There are lots of other places in my industry to take my business, but I love it here. The food and beverage industry is great!


Donna Terrell

After growing up and attending college in Michigan, Donna Terrell has now called Little Rock home for nearly 12 years — and lived in Chenal for six of those. Terrell is the FOX 16 anchor for the 5:30 and 9 p.m. weeknight newscasts. But she’s involved in much more than her job. Terrell is a member of the Little Rock Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, an organization of women dedicated to enriching the lives of other persons of color through volunteer and community service. She’s also a member of the board for Arkansas’ Susan G. Komen and in 2014 launched Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer in honor of her daughter who died from colon cancer.

She loves her Chenal home and the many choices she has for entertainment, dining and relaxing. Her perfect Saturday includes a movie and a scenic jog in the area. Below, more of what Terrell loves about living in Chenal.

Why did you choose to live in Chenal?

I lived in two other parts of the city and found myself constantly coming into the Chenal area to do my shopping and socializing. Sometimes I’d just drive around because I enjoyed looking at the scenery. And then one day I decided Chenal is where I wanted to live since it’s one of the places in Little Rock where I am the happiest.

What are some of your favorite places in Chenal?

I really enjoy the Promenade! I love having Chenal 9 nearby and it seems Del Frisco’s Grille is becoming a favorite. I do love Local Lime; I always find something good to eat there and they have awesome margaritas. Another cool spot is Café Brunelle, where I can get my cappuccino fix and something to eat, too. Plus, the folks in there are always so nice!

How would you describe Chenal to a stranger?

After a tough day I can be driving along and once I hit Chenal I get such a good feeling. [There’s] No place like home, but the journey to get there is so worth the trip. When I used to visit my daughter in Houston and we’d want to go out, she’d sometimes say, ‘let’s stay in the neighborhood.’ Well that’s exactly how I view where I live now: I can go out for entertainment, food and run errands and ‘stay in the neighborhood.’ I feel so lucky!