If you feel like you need a little more adventure in your life (which, by the way, you totally do), hold on to your NorthFace and look no further than the Raid the Rock Adventure Race on Saturday, Dec. 9.

Not sure what an adventure race is? Imagine a blend between "The Amazing Race" and a Jeep commercial. Participants set out to accomplish a string of tasks that cover everything from running to mountain biking to canoeing without the use of cell phones or GPS.

You can sign up in teams or solo for either the 2-3-hour course, the 8-hour course or the 24-hour course. Some sections are contained to the urban areas of Little Rock and North Little Rock, while others cover more dozens of miles of mountain biking, trekking, canoeing and rope elements spanning further across the metro.

There are specific rules, regulations and gear requirements you need to cover, so make sure you do your reading. Visit the Raid the Rock website for all the information and check them out on Facebook.

Game on.