Each year brings new challenges, and having an appropriate insurance policy and a well-trusted agent to guide you through the process is essential to your peace of mind. Selecting that one agent who fits the bill can be a challenge. If you are in the market for a new insurance agent, we recommend taking a few steps. First, research the agents and agencies in town, interview individual agents to better understand their products, philosophies and customer service standards, and of course, ask for referrals.

Little Rock Soirée asked its readers to nominate the best insurance agents in Little Rock based on customer service, accountability and ease of access. Thirty-two agents made the list this year. A few agents purchased profiles, which you will find on the list below, giving you the opportunity to learn more about them personally as well as their expertise, philosophies and customer service standards.

Participants were asked to nominate only insurance agents they knew through personal experience in five insurance categories: health, life, residential, long-term care and corporate insurance. Participants were not allowed to vote for the same agent more than once. Nominations were accepted through online ballots.

  • Ed Bennett
  • Connie Binz
  • Kara Dowers
  • Mike Eberle
  • Bill Fletcher
  • Matt Jones
  • Tom Kane
  • Kurt Knickrehm
  • Tracy Matson
  • Lisa Moriconi
  • Chris Newell
  • Jason Prather
  • Jimbo Ramsay
  • Sharon Russell
  • Carol Steenberg
  • Andy Stepka
  • Marc Thompson
  • Olin Wage
  • Mark S. Williamson