What’s better than a donut? A free donut. Today is National Donut Day and stores across the country (and more importantly, in Little Rock) are celebrating. And no one said donuts could only be breakfast food  — so why not make your lunch break a donut break today?

Community Bakery

At Community Bakery, anyone who asks can have a free regular donut today for as long as supplies last. This is the first time for the shop, located at 1200 Main St., to do a special promotion for National Donut Day so hurry on over and check it out! One of their popular options is the sour cream old-fashioned donut.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Instead of just grabbing a cup of coffee, today you can get a free donut with any beverage purchase at any Dunkin’ Donuts. And although the options are seemingly endless — from Boston Kreme to jelly-filled to munchkins — crew member Carolyn Williams says her favorite is the Chips Ahoy, which was released less than a week ago. We might have to stop by and try it.

Krispy Kreme

Donut even worry about taking out your wallet — at Krispy Kremes nationwide everyone gets a free donut of your choice just for walking in the door. Although customers can choose any donut, Lance Harrison, wholesale manager for the store in Little Rock, says the classic hot glazed is what people most often come for.