Who remembers The Shack, the downtown Little Rock barbecue joint with a cult following? (Some of you are already salivating.) It’s doors closed more than two decades ago, despite the cries of anguished loyals. 

Well, friends, we’re in for a treat. Arkansas Business reported that The Shack is back and slated for 402 E. Third St.

We’re talking a three-story restaurant, complete with outdoor seating and Gusano’s Tim Chappell at the helm. Throw in the return of the "legendary" Shack Sauce and we're already getting drunk on just the thought of the smell of hickory smoked barbecue.

Interested? You should be. Check out our sister publication Arkansas Business for the delicious details. 

You can also visit The Shack's website, but be warned: It's tantalizingly void of specifics. Don't worry, though. We'll keep you posted on grand opening information.