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At Inside Effects we sell counter tops and tile of all kinds, but what we really sell is service. We help you put together the whole package so the end result is a space you are proud of and enjoy in the future.

Soiree: What are your top “do's” when designing a bathroom for a client?

IE: Start with the design element that is most important to you. Soothing colors are good for bathrooms and for bathroom lighting. Bring in one unexpected element into the room.

Soiree: Then what are your top “don’ts” when designing a bathroom?

IE: Don’t make everything a feature item. Don’t clutter the space. Don’t use too much contrast in elements that can’t easily be changed.

Soiree: What are the most important elements to include when designing the bathroom featured above?

IE: Clean lines and soothing colors were important to the clients for this bathroom.

Soiree: What is the hottest design trend you're seeing these days?

IE: Clean lines and neutral, grey colors.

Soiree: Why do designers and customers choose you?

IE: We help with all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Soiree: Do you offer a consultation process for people just starting to look at experts in your field?

IE: We offer a consultation to every customer who comes in our showroom. Service is our number one priority.

Soiree: What is your design process when a client hires you?

IE: First, we listen to the needs of the client. We can handle all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Soiree: Is there anything else you want readers to know?

IE: Inside Effects is a lot more than meets the eye! We aren’t just a place to get itle or counter tops. We are a one top shop for your next project.