Witsell Evans & Rasco restored or renovated many buildings including the main branch of the Central Arkansas Library System.

It’s time to be honest with ourselves. We’re not always great about returning our library books on time. Just don't tell our elementary librarians.

The Central Arkansas Library System, however, has found a way to extend the forgiving spirit of the season while lending a hand to hungry Arkansas families. Returning for another year, the CALS Food for Fines program is happening the week of Dec. 2-8.

That’s right: You can buy back a library’s love with nonperishable food items (just kidding, they never stopped loving you). Donations will go to the Arkansas Food Bank or Partners for Progress in Perryville, which provide meals to families all across the state.

Each food item counts as $1, with patrons able to cancel out up to $10 worth of fines. This only works if you still have your overdue library materials. If you lost them, sorry, but you’ll still be responsible for them. Nevertheless, patrons are encouraged to donate as much food as possible because 'tis the season. 

For more information on Food for Fines, call (501) 918-3000 or visit the CALS website