Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick is Well Suited

If you don’t already own a custom suit, take this introduction to Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick as a sign to invest in yourself, your wardrobe and your style.

There’s something about a made-to-fit suit that feels and looks like nothing else. It’s sharp, it can endure longer wear and the fit is always spot on. It’s an oportunity to fuse a taste for tailored styling with a love of original creations and an obsession with detail.

Enter Ndeed Regime, the line created by Fitzpatrick that offers a one-stop shop for all things luxe fashion. Soirée spoke with the Little Rock designer about his fashion beginnings, bringing visions to life and how to accessorize a suit.


Tell us about your background.

OMF: I started designing in 2009. I went to school at Arkansas Fashion Design School under Jamileh Kamran to learn how to sew in 2014. I designed bow ties first, then incorporated bespoke suits and other items in 2016.

What was the first piece you made?

OMF: The first piece I made was an olive green prom suit for a customer while in Dallas, Texas.

What do you enjoy most and least about designing?

OMF: The ability to communicate to others through clothing and design. There are multitudes of emotions that go into a garment, especially for events like weddings. Being able to be a part of one of the biggest times in someone’s life is a true honor. My least favorite part is having to negotiate my worth.

Tell us about the services you offer.

OMF: Ndeed Regime offers a plethora of services including fashion design, custom garments, styling services, closet organizing, custom bespoke shoes, wedding concierge service, master courses, Fitz Fashion Techniques (kids class) and personal shopping.

The process starts with a consultation at my office downtown or via video chat. I also travel to clients for a travel fee. The consultation fee is $100 and will be subtracted from your final total. A consultation will consist of measurements, viewing swatches, designing suits, viewing buttons, viewing inside suit lining, etc.

Which material is your favorite to work with and why? 

OMF: Jacquard. I love the various designs, colors and textures the fabrics can have.

Credit: Jason Masters

What’s your favorite memory of a time you made someone’s vision come to life?

OMF: One memory that comes to mind is a wedding client. His grandmother passed away a few days before our consultation. I asked if he would like to honor his grandmother by creating a collage of photos of them together. He sent me 10 photos and I was able to create a collage and make it the inside lining of his wedding suit. The emotions that filled the room once he saw it for the first time were incredible, and it’s a day I will never forget.

Have you always been stylish? When did you realize you had an artist’s eye?

OMF: My mother told me I started dressing myself at the age of 4. I started to realize I had an artist’s eye once I was in elementary school attending art class. I was able to create on several different levels and my work was entered into several contests and featured at the Arkansas Arts Center [now the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts]. That gave me a lot of confidence.

What are the best accessories to style a suit with?

OMF: Broaches, hankies, bow ties, neckties, ascots and scarfs.

Rapid-fire suit knowledge we should know? 

OMF: If you have two or more buttons on your suit, don’t fasten the last button. Suspenders and belts are not to be worn at the same time. The lapel pin normally goes on the opposite side of your hanky. Patterns can always be toned down by a solid color piece. The bottom of your blazer should hit along the same place as your thumb.

Credit: Jason Masters

Tell us about the name. What does “Ndeed Regime” mean?

OMF: Ndeed came from me just saying the word a lot in college. That was always my response. Oliver, are you going to the cafe? Indeed. Oliver, do you have a basketball game today? Indeed. After a while people started calling me Mr. Indeed. I ran with it and changed the i to an n to give it flair and originality. The Regime was added a few years later. I added it because when you think of a regime, you think of a takeover like a “new regime.” When Ndeed Regime hits the mainstream audience, that’s exactly what it will be: a fashion takeover. I manifest that all companies will want to work with Ndeed Regime similar to how Supreme collaborates.

What inspires you?

OMF: Life inspires me to create — the people I surround myself with, the music I listen to and what I visually consume.

How do you begin your creative process? 

OMF: My creative process begins with music. Music for me creates a blank canvas for me to create. 

Credit: Jason Masters

What are you currently wearing on rotation?

OMF: Ndeed Regime, of course. Specifically the neoprene tracksuits. 

What’s to come for Ndeed Regime?

OMF: The next step is a store. I plan on having a one-stop shop for my clients to be able to come and shop, design and tailor.

Favorite places to shop in Little Rock?

OMF: Kreative Dimensions (KRTVD). They make a lot of athletic leisure wear like sweatpants, sweaters, shorts and T-shirts.

Who are your favorite designers?

OMF: In Little Rock: Bruce Davis of 22nd Element, Broderick of KRTVD, Korto Momolu of KORTO, Charlo Campbell of Dope Runna Clothing and Tim Camper of T Camp Collection. All-time: Ozwald Boateng, Alexander McQueen and KidSuper.

Follow Ndeed Regime on Instagram and Facebook. To book a consultation with Fitzpatrick, click here.

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