Natural State of the Art: A Gallery Guide to Little Rock

Arkansas may be best known for its lush natural features, but those who know Little Rock know it to be a rare tapestry of art, philanthropy and community — and yes, lush natural features.

In honor of that tapestry, we set out to explore the various displays of art in our city. What we found goes beyond long, gleaming halls and high ceilings and dives into the intimate showrooms tucked into sleepy streets and the larger-than-life murals that become the familiar backdrop of our daily lives.

Sketches and sculptures, pastels and portraits, international and neighborhood artists, you’ll find it all in our comprehensive guide to Little Rock art galleries and public art.



When starting your artistic voyage, begin with the various styles and media in these local spaces.


Acansa Gallery

413A Main St., North Little Rock

501.663.2287 | Facebook: Acansa Gallery & Store 


Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

501 E. Ninth St., Little Rock

501.372.4000 |


The Art Group Gallery

11525 Cantrell Road, Little Rock

3 Statehouse Plaza, Little Rock

501.690.2193 |


Barry Thomas Fine Art & Studio

711 Main St., North Little Rock

720.772.1146 | Facebook: Barry Thomas Fine Art & Studio


Boswell Mourot Fine Art

1501 S. Main St., Ste. H, Little Rock

501.454.6969 |


Cantrell Gallery

8208 Cantrell Road, Little Rock

501.224.1335 |


The Underground Gallery at Library Square

401 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock

501.320.5752 |


Gallery 26

2601 Kavanaugh Blvd., Ste. 1, Little Rock

501.664.8996 |


Good Weather

(By appointment only)

4400 Edgemere Road, North Little Rock

662.734.0380 |


Hearne Fine Art

1001 Wright Ave., Little Rock

501.372.6822 |


The House of Art

108 E. Fourth St., North Little Rock

501.366.3793 | Facebook: The House of Art


Laman Library Argenta Gallery

420 Main St., North Little Rock

501.687.1061 |


Louie’s Unique Framing & Gallery

1509 Mart Drive, Ste. A, Little Rock

501.907.6240 |


Credit: Jason Masters

M2 Gallery

1300 S. Main St., Ste. B, Little Rock

501.225.6257 |


Red Door Gallery

3715 John F. Kennedy Blvd., North Little Rock

501.753.5227 |


Sergio Valdivia Art

108 W. Sixth St., Little Rock

501.612.8813 |


The Showroom

2313 Cantrell Road, Little Rock

501.372.7373 | Facebook: The Showroom


Thea Foundation

401 Main St., Ste. 100, North Little Rock

501.379.9512 |


UA Little Rock Galleries
• Brad Cushman Gallery
• The Small Gallery
• Ann Maners & Alex Pappas Gallery

5617 West 28th St., Little Rock

501.916.3182 |


Windgate Gallery – UA Pulaski Technical College

3000 W. Scenic Drive, North Little Rock

501.812.2200 |



International traveling exhibits and local legends alike don the walls of our cultural centers, so don’t count them out when looking for great art.


Clinton Presidential Center

1200 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock

501.370.8000 |


Esse Purse Museum & Store

1510 S. Main St., Little Rock

501.916.9022 |


Credit: Mauren Kennedy

Historic Arkansas Museum

200 E. Third St., Little Rock

501.324.9351 |


Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

501 W. Ninth St., Little Rock

501.683.3593 |


Old State House Museum

300 W. Markham St., Little Rock

501.324.9685 |



Surrounded by nature, these works take on a life of their own.

Credit: Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, photo by Madison Ogle.

Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden

400 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock

931.376.4781 |


Wildwood Park for the Arts

20919 Denny Road, Little Rock

501.821.7275 |



While we can’t cover all the public art popping up around town, here are some of the metro’s must-see murals.


7th Street Mural Project by various artists 

Seventh Street between Coates & Dennison streets, Little Rock


Argenta Mural Project by various artists

415 Main St. (behind Four Quarter Bar), North Little Rock


Arkansas history mural by various artists

100 Riverfront Drive, North Little Rock


“Arkansas Musicians” by Niz

West Seventh & South Louisiana streets, Little Rock


“Baker’s Alley” by various artists

E. Sixth & Main streets, Little Rock


Credit: Maddalynn Davis

“Beneath the Surface” by Matt McLeod

Sixth & Main streets, Little Rock


“The Big Race” by Kevin Kresse

Seventh & Main streets, North Little Rock


“Birds of the American Flyway” by Robin Tucker

314 Maple St., North Little Rock


“Balstovitch” by Roland Burnham

3124 Pike Ave., North Little Rock


Butterfly mural by Youri Cansell

400 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock


“City Dreamers” by Joel Boyd

W. Sixth & Spring streets, Little Rock


“Dogtown Proud” by Kevin Kresse

Fourth & Main streets, North Little Rock


“Eat Baja” 

5921 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock


“Foxes” by Jessica Jones

313 E. Broadway St., North Little Rock


“The Gathering” by Angela Davis Johnson

108 E. Fourth St., North Little Rock


“The Gift” by Meikel Church

151 W. Fourth St., North Little Rock


“Hard Work” by Robin Tucker

250 E. Fourth St., North Little Rock


“Hot & Cold Jazz” by Perrion Hurd

Fourth & Maple streets, North Little Rock


Little Rock Garden Fence by Katherine Rutter

1401 Main St. (behind Bernice Garden), Little Rock


Main Street Pocket Park by various artists

711 Main St., Little Rock


“Market Scene” by Mark Blaney

East Fourth St. (behind The House of Art), North Little Rock


“Men of Iron” by Jose Hernandez

1300 E. Sixth St., Little Rock


“Migration” by Guy Bell

East Sixth & Scott streets, Little Rock


Credit: "Playtime" by Jason Jones, photo by Maggie McLemore

“Playtime” by Jason Jones

Capitol Ave. & Main St., Little Rock


“Shout Sister Shout” by Jessica Jones

108 W. Sixth St., Little Rock


“Smile, You’re In Downtown” by Katy Raines

Sixth & Center streets, Little Rock


SoMa Chess Mural by Drew Merritt

1201 Main St., Little Rock


“Street Gallery” by Jason Jones

302 Main St., Little Rock


“The Beau Wall” by Beau Jones

5801 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock


“Welcome to Stifft’s Station” by Matt McLeod

3015 W. Markham St., Little Rock


“Woman With Dog” by Steven Otis

1510 Main St., Little Rock


Women in suits mural by Lisa Krannichfeld

15th & Main streets, North Little Rock


“Yes We Can” by Steven Otis

1500 S. Main St., Little Rock


Credit: Chester Street mural by Lisa Krannichfeld, photo by Madison Ogle

by Lillian Goins

Little Rock native Lisa Krannichfeld took her first art classes at Parkview Arts Science Magnet. It was this experience that unlocked a passion that has had a hold on her throughout college and her career. With an affinity for watercolor, the artist’s move from indoor studios to streets and brick canvases may seem novel, but it’s more a matter of public service. 

“This is our art,” Krannichfeld says, detailing why she chooses to paint on buildings in the metro area, a feat she also says is exhilarating due to its provocative undertone. Her first mural project in North Little Rock is similar to her new work on Chester Street, both centering women wearing colorful patterned suits. She believes this urban position grants exposure to her mission of depicting women as powerful. 

“Women and girls will drive past and see this mural and see themselves in it,” Krannichfeld says, who not only portrays strength by depicting women in suits and dominant poses, but also by giving them ambiguity in only painting the lower half of their faces. 

The subjects are familiar to Krannichfeld, who has illustrated them before in her signature techniques of mixed media, ink and watercolor, which is still her primary format. Here, she employs the “more difficult” process of painting all three women at once, rather than one at a time, in effort to make the colors “speak to each other, but contrast at the same time.”

Even on this surface, the artist displays impressive attention to detail to suscitate the wall and her mission. The texture of the brick makes the skin look lifelike, the dynamic patterns and color assigning power to femininity. 

She asserts that her work will never depict women as docile, and there is no denying the fierce women in Krannichfeld’s murals will speak to passersby the way they speak to each other.

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