Native Nectar Juice Company Looking to Kickstarter for Business Expansion

You’ve heard of Kickstarter, right? It’s the online crowd-funding platform where innovators can pitch their ideas and the public can decide whether to help fund the project and make it a reality or let it die out. 

Fayetteville’s Native Nectar Juice Company is hoping to use a Kickstarter campaign to expand Arkansas’ premier organic cold-press juicery to Bentonville and eventually to Little Rock. Native Nectar is currently known for their premium cold-pressed juices, nut mylks and Natur•Ade line of detox waters, but has bigger dreams. The company will open the doors to its second location this fall, this time in Bentonville. 

With the campaign, they’re also hoping to add an expanded menu, offering both a juicery and a healthy foods eatery. Some of the items on the new menu include salads, smoothies, soups, raw energy bars and other goodies, many available on a pre-made, grab-and-go basis. 

“What we have learned from our customers is that time and convenience are two of the biggest barriers to healthy eating. Our goal is to offer a fast and convenient, fresh and healthy food alternative,” said co-owner Wilson Wood. “Just because it is fast doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy.”

Another thing Native Nectar is looking to speed up? The business expansion process. Their plan is to open the Bentonville location on Oct. 1, only one year to the day since the Fayetteville opening. The good news is it’s working so far, and Wood is hoping Kickstarter can help get them to the next level. 

Even better news? If all goes to plan in Bentonville, that just makes Little Rock’s prospects even sunnier. If you’re interested in the organic-to-go vibe, you might want to give his campaign a look.

Click here to check it out.

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