Mural Project Takes Over Storm Drains

It’s not uncommon to see people constantly looking down at their phones, even while walking on the sidewalk. Now, thanks to the Drain Smart program, the Little Rock city streets have something much more eye-catching to look down at.

Back for the second year, this program is designed to educate the public on protecting local water quality by selecting artists to paint murals on storm drains in three iconic Little Rock locations. You’ve probably seen 2015’s creations in War Memorial Corridor, South Main and the River Market area.

“Many Little Rock residents have a misconception that the storm drains are part of our sanitary sewer system that lead to the wastewater treatment plant, which leads them to misuse storm drains — thinking it’s a ‘safe’ way to dispose of waste,” organizer Dan Scheiman told Soirée at the launch of the 2015 program. 

“However, when pollutants are disposed of via storm drains, they end up directly in our waterways,” Scheiman said. “Paper and plastic items, grease and oil, brake dust, anti-freeze, fertilizer, yard and pet waste must not be dumped into storm drains. Even litter on the street is carried into our storm drains when it rains.”

Click here to read our Q&A with Dan Scheiman.

To help spread the message further, the 2016 artists are setting up shop on Main Street, Center Street and in The Promenade at Chenal. As you watch these public works take shape, the group will then hold a public vote for locals to pick the top installation for each of the areas.

This year’s locations include:

  • SoMa:
    • 13th & Main
    • 17th & Main
    • Main Street across from Walgreen’s
    • 27th & Main (northeast corner)
    • Main at Washington Elementary crosswalk (east)
    • Main at Washington Elementary crosswalk (west)
    • 29th & Main (northeast corner)
    • 29th & Main (northwest corner)
  • Center Street Corridor:
    • 7th & Center
    • Capitol & Center (northeast corner)
    • 4th & Center (southwest corner)
    • 6th & Center (in front of EJ’s)
    • 6th & Center (across from EJ’s)
    • Capitol & Center (northwest corner)
  • The Promenade:
    • in front of James Eye Care
    • Chenal exit near AW Lins
    • entrance at Chenal
    • in front of Chenal 9 Imax


Learn more about Drain Smart and participating artists by visiting the website. 


Our #DrainSmartLR artists have been out in the nice weather working diligently!

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