Meet Your Next Financial Advisor: Tim Rafferty of Delta Trust Investments (Advertorial)

Tim P. Rafferty, Delta Trust Investments
College: Texas Christian University  ››  Years in the Industry: 7
11700 Cantrell Road  ›› 501.907.0318  ››

››Why did you choose to get into financial advising?
My father influenced my career path by teaching me about investing at an early age. I was instantly interested in market trends and knew I wanted to learn more. During college, I interned at a financial advisory firm and loved the interaction between the clients and the professionals – I knew this was my future.

››What sets yours apart from other firms?
Delta Trust Investments offers the strong, personal relationships of a smaller investment firm along with all the capabilities and more of a major wirehouse. We truly are a “one-stop” shop for clients, offering all the financial support needed to help them better reach their long-term financial goals. From trust services to insurance advice to banking products, we work closely with clients to support every financial area of their business and personal lives.

››What do you like best about your job?
I enjoy that first meeting with a new client. It is great to see how passionate everyone is when we sit down to establish our goals and develop the best financial plan to achieve their desired results. When those goals are reached, I love to see the look on my client’s face. It makes my job very satisfying.
››Do you have a niche clientele?
I work with 2 niche clientele, small business owners and CPAs at major accounting firms. CPAs have a lot of investment restrictions because they cannot invest in companies that they audit or provide tax services for. We have developed a specialized investment strategy that creates a fully diversified portfolio that navigates around the numerous investment restrictions they face.

››What makes your customer service outstanding?
The stock market is unpredictable and can’t be controlled, but what I can control is how I treat my clients. One of the main reasons our clients choose to work with us and stay with us is because of the personal relationships we develop. I am in constant contact with my clients to make sure their portfolio is staying on the right financial path.

››What’s your investment philosophy?
To help families and small business owners preserve and grow their wealth in a tax efficient manner. I structure their portfolios with the least amount of risk to help them reach their goal.

Best financial advice you’ve ever been given?
When choosing an investment have an entry point and an exit strategy. When that investment reaches the exit point, take the profits and don’t be greedy.

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