Meet Your Next Financial Advisor: Dustin Jenkins of Hutchinson Financial (Advertorial)

Dustin R. Jenkins, CRPC MBA, Hutchinson Financial
College: Bryant University, Rhode Island  ››  Years in the Industry: 4
 12511 Cantrell Road  ›› 501.223.9190

››Why did you choose to get into financial advising?
F inancial planning is a process that can change people’s lives. As an advisor, I have the opportunity to form deep, lasting relationships with clients and help them achieve their life dreams. Life is certainly not all about money, but money does play a vital role and I enjoy helping people get the most from their money.

››What sets yours apart from other firms?
Hutchinson Financial has been providing financial planning and money management for more than 20 years. We have processes for helping people reach their financial goals that are time tested. Cutting-edge systems and technology allow us to keep up with trends in the marketplace and efficiently serve our clients. We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, compensated solely on the assets we manage. We don’t charge commissions or trading fees. We have a fiduciary relationship with our clients and actually deliver the personalized service others only talk about.

››What do you like best about your job?
I love counseling clients to help them reach their life goals. I enjoy being there for them, especially when times are scary. When a client achieves complete peace of mind about all aspects of their financial affairs, it is so rewarding to have been a part of helping them get from where they are to where they want to be.

››Do you have a niche clientele?
We specialize in retirement planning. Our clients are typically planning for retirement or they are managing in retirement. We have many years of experience helping clients transition from accumulating assets for retirement to working with them to develop the most efficient way to utilize those assets for a long and fulfilling retirement.

››What makes your customer service outstanding?
Our client always comes first. Every decision we make impacts our clients and we take that responsibility very seriously. We pride ourselves on our response times to inquiries and our communications throughout the year. We go the extra mile to make it as easy as possible to work with us for our client’s lifetime and even for generations to come.

››What’s your investment philosophy?     
We take a long-term view for investments and believe that one should avoid timing the market. We believe asset allocation and diversification are essential elements of any well-balanced portfolio. We are poised to go where the markets go, but do so with as little risk as possible to achieve the client’s personal financial goals.

Best financial advice you’ve ever been given?
Make sure I have my own financial house in order before giving financial advice. It is so much easier to give advice when you have already done what you are recommending others to do.

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