Meet the Chef: André Poirot of Capriccio Grill (Soirée Special Promotion)

André Poirot, Capriccio Grill Italian Steakhouse
The Peabody Little Rock
Three Statehouse Plaza
Little Rock, Ark.
(501) 399-8000

BREAKFAST: 6:30 am to 10:30 am  •  lunch: 11 am to 2 pm
DINNER: Mon-Sat  6 pm to 9:30 pm,  Sun  6 pm to 9 pm

“I started cooking at home; my mother is a brilliant cook. I had an apprenticeship at a small restaurant in my hometown of Remiremont, France, followed by two years of culinary school. I later went to London, England, to work at Savoy hotel, where we still followed the recipes of Auguste Escoffier, the famous early 20th century French chef who helped open the hotel.”

Signature dish – Seafood, fish and sauces.

Best compliment to the chef – I love just seeing guests enjoying themselves, having a good time and eating my food.

My guilty pleasure – Red wines, especially Bordeaux and Chateauneuf du Pape.

Weirdest thing i’ve eaten – Larvae, crickets and dried mullet roe (a Chinese delicacy).

Culinary pet peeve – Micro, petite or nano food—soon you will need a magnifying glass to eat.

Must-have kitchen tool – A good steel or knife sharpener.

Biggest cooking challenge – While working at a restaurant in New Orleans, we had a catering job on a paddleboat for 200 people. While loading, two big carts of food fell into the Mississippi River. We had to redo everything in two hours!

When I’m at home I eat – I like to eat comfort food—things my mother used to cook—like potato cakes, whole roasted chickens and steak frites (steak and fried potatoes).

These days, i’m crazy about – The World Cup; I try to watch as many games as possible. As for cooking, I’m crazy about the local vegetables and fruits available this time of year.

Where i eat on my night off – Usually, I cook at home.

Chef recommends – Sitting down to eat — having a meal with your family and friends every day, or as often as possible.

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