Living a Life of Garden Leisure

September is the month we finally see a break from the Southern heat and start daydreaming once again about easy, breezy afternoons spent outdoors. 

In search of some backyard inspiration, we looked to the home of Brittany and Matthew Marsh, who worked with local businesses and creatives to design an outdoor living space that could accommodate their adult entertaining needs while providing a fun and safe play area for their two young children.

Here’s to enjoying another season in The Natural State. 


What was the goal of your backyard renovation?

BM: We wanted this to be another living space for our family as well as a yard for our children to run around in. Our backyard wasn’t exactly flat, and the drainage had to be rearranged to make everything work. David Munsey and his team at Better Lawns and Gardens were brilliant at understanding water movement and knowing how to correct the issues we had previously.

Better Lawns and Gardens have an incredible reputation around town and have built some of the most beautiful structures for outdoor living. We knew from the get-go that is who we wanted to work with for the design, layout and construction in the backyard. We have a larger space, but it was not laid out for the best utilization. David designed a practical, scenic layout that made us feel like we have an outdoor living space and still a backyard.


You worked with Jonathan Parkey for the furnishings and finishes in the backyard. Is that process different when working on an exterior vs. interior?

BM: Outdoor planning is a lot like indoor, you have to have someone who understands entertaining and flow. Jonathan is the best there is when it comes to that, and we love his way with fabrics. It was such a fun project to work with him on. 

What is your favorite part of the backyard?

BM: I love that it’s practical and set up for the kiddos. They have plenty of room to run and play in the green space while we are hosting a larger group. I also really enjoy the different spaces that were created. From curling up to watch television or a game to lounging on the daybed with a book to hosting around the firepit while grilling, we have found ourselves really enjoying every area. But the screened-in porch is my favorite place for dinner parties, and it’s so nice to have a room to overflow into when we are hosting inside. 




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