Kent Stetson Debuts The Art of Handbags Exhibit at Esse Purse Museum

One of the most undoubtedly unique places in Little Rock (the only one of its kind in the U.S. and one of only three in the world) is the Esse Purse Museum in SoMa. By now, you probably know that at any given moment, visitors can experience the journey of the modern woman via her evolving purse collection. But Esse’s newest exhibit is a taste of something different.

The Art of Handbags showcases the work of Rhode Island artist and designer Kent Stetson. It’s less of the usual Esse tradition of celebrating the past and more of a contemporary telling of fresh perspectives — all through the mouthpiece of Esse’s favorite accessory. 

This mixed-media exhibit will showcase the abstract, the graphic, the glittery and much more, including chic wall pieces, videos and the eye-catching purses for which Stetson is known. Stetson is also one of the museum store’s featured makers.

The Art of Handbags opens on Tuesday, Aug. 16, and runs through Sept. 25. The Esse Purse Museum is located at 1510 Main St. and store hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday and 10 a.m.– 3 p.m. Sunday. 

For more information, visit the Esse website and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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