July’s Little Rock Soiree Celebrates Summer — Online Now

This month in Soiree, read stories about Little Rock women and men who are invested in improving our community, our state and our nation. Start with our cover subject, Junior League of Little Rock president Julia Strickland, who is steering local women toward leadership and social change. Brigette Williams, community affairs director for Red Cross Arkansas, is putting out fires right and left all over the state; interior designer Kaki Hockersmith takes her design skills to the next level as a member of the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts for The Kennedy Center, and Doug White, vice president of systems services for Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation and Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., is shining a light on the coming Ronald McDonald Golf Classic.

Nothing says summer like watermelon. With that in mind, this issue showcases three pages of watermelon-hued and -infused items, all available locally. There’s a 172 Grams pleated pinky coral dress from Kristin Chase, a G. Spinelli stone necklace from Faux Pas Chantecaille, lip gloss from Glo Limited and so much more.

Then turn to Provisions on page 31 to read all about local melon varieties, where to buy them and why you should try them. From yellow seeded to red seedless, miniature and everywhere in between, one of these farmers’ market melons are sure to suit your summer fancy.

We also had the pleasure of attending a Riedel glass tasting and seminar with the esteemed Georg Riedel at The Capital Hotel. Swirl, nose and sip right along with us as we tell you which wines go with what glasses and why.

And as always, we’ve brought you July’s most complete Little Rock social calendar, and page after page of the parties we (and you) attended.

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