Home Work: WFH in Style

Over the past year, many of us learned just how important the space we work in truly is. So when a client approached interior designer Shayla Copas in need of a new home office, Copas had to take the new world order of WFH into consideration. The result was this beautiful space built for inspiration and productivity, and Copas gave us the scoop.

What did you want to accomplish with this space?

We wanted to provide the homeowner with a space that represented her fashion-forward spirit and love for style. The homeowner loves neutral tones, but is also a fan of muddy pinks and blues, so we chose a rug with those bold colors to ground the space.

The homeowner wanted us to take a TV playroom adjacent to her bedroom and turn it into a home office to serve as a home base for her thriving fashion styling businesses, so the office needed to have plenty of storage and an area for storyboarding. We incorporated a framed tackboard to serve as an area to tack fabrics, magazines, tear sheets and other inspirational items.

We also replaced the dated lighting sconces to freshen up the look. Drapery with embroidered tape trim was specified to add warmth to the room.

Credit: Jason Masters


When you’re designing a home office, what are your must-haves?

The following boxes must be checked: plenty of storage, an adequate desk, a visually beautiful area behind where the client sits for Zoom calls, plenty of lighting, a bar cart for drinks and snacks and for those in a creative field, a tackboard for storyboarding is a must-have.

Credit: Jason Masters


How has your approach changed since COVID-19?

Since COVID, we have noticed a rise in home office spaces. We are now paying more attention to the area behind where the client will sit because that area will most likely serve as a backdrop for Zoom calls. We did not think as strategically about this space before COVID.

What is your favorite corner of this space and why?

I have two favorites. I am a drapery girl and the tape trim we specified on this project is one of my absolute all-time favorites. I love the light blue embroidery, classic and organic in feel.

I also love the tackboard area for storyboarding. We included three stools and a bar counter space for the homeowner to meet with her clients for style consults. This area is visually beautiful and functional.

Credit: Jason Masters

Credit: Jason Masters


What are your favorite pieces in this design?

One of my favorite products in the room is the desk chair. I love the hand-carved cockatoo detail on the arms, as well as the cane side panels. I also love the bold rug that we selected for the space. The pink and blues ground the neutral room and add a punch of color to the space without it being overbearing.

Another favorite is the wallcovering we selected. Gold and cream are great neutrals and colors that could easily be paired with any color combo if the homeowner should decide to make future changes to the space in a different color scheme.

Credit: Jason Masters


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