Hit the Trail: 3 Bike Rides to Take This Week

With the temps warming up, take advantage of it by taking the trails on two wheels. Several trails wind their way through central Arkansas to suit riders of all levels.

Here is a look at a few you can cruise on this week (and weekend!):

  1. Arkansas River Trail (17 miles): If you live in and around Little Rock, chances are, you’ve heard of this prominent trail that runs alongside the Arkansas River in Little Rock and North Little Rock. This paved trail is accessible from both sides of the river and pretty much anywhere along the route. If you want gorgeous views of the river and bluffs, the North Little Rock side is a great side to start on, just be prepared for a few hills– the Little Rock side is pretty flat for the most part. It’s a great trail to take the family! 
  2. Scott-England/Harper’s Loop (35-50 miles): Located just outside of Little Rock, this loop offers a smooth flat ride past beautiful scenery such as cotton fields and pecan groves. The long version of this ride follows Harper’s Loop, a signed cycling route from the Arkansas River Trail in North Little Rock to Hwy. 165. The shorter route starts at the Plantation Agricultural Museum State Park in Scott and continues to England where you make a right onto Hwy. 161, which loops back to Scott. Because some of the trail is on frequently traveled thoroughfares, it is good idea to go in a group.
  3. Lake Maumelle/Wye Mountain Loop (37 miles): Beautiful lake views and big climbs await you on the 37-mile Lake Maumelle Loop, one of the best bicycle tours in Arkansas for early morning riders. Expect heavy traffic along Hwy. 10, so early morning rides are recommended. Start at the picnic area Pinnacle Mountain State Park on Hwy. 300. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, this is a great trail!

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, here are some other more challenging bike tours around the state that you might reserve for the weekend:

For the beginner riders just starting the biking thing, here is a look four things to know and bicycle etiquette! And if you’re planning on sticking around Little Rock and North Little Rock, here are 10 tips every rider should know.

Get more info about all of these trails, plus a look at more trails around the state here!

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